4 Comfy-Chic Outfits Perfect for Zoom Calls

4 Comfy-Chic Outfits Perfect for Zoom Calls

The novel fashion environment brought about by remote work and meetings has created quite the stir as to what defines the dos-and-don’ts of looks in front of the camera. Famology is here to talk about chic outfits and how they are one of the leading trends of the era. We have compiled a list of four comfy-chic outfits that go perfect with your Zoom calls. Head to Famology today to see the latest trends in men's and women's loungewear.

photo of man wearing white PJ set

Wearing a Blazer With Your Joggers

We can’t adjust the camera for you, but with the mastery of “upper-torso illusions,” you can show off the coolest blazers in your wardrobe while decking out the comfiest joggers around. The world of fashion for Zoom calls has bypassed the need to fully match with a priority focus on what style you want to express on top.

photo of woman wearing gold PJ set

Pairing a Matching Loungewear Set With Heels

Famology is big on pushing the agenda of looks plus comfort. We fully support wearing the shoes you want with any of our quality loungewear sets. From flannels to boardshorts, we’re all about pushing new agendas while walking in the coolest set of heels around.

photo of woman wearing pink long sleeve PJ set

Add a Chic Sweater to Satin Lounge Pants

Cute and comfortable is a dangerous combination that we’re daring to push. It’s time to rock and wear your favorite chic sweater all day while walking around in our great satin lounge pants with fits for small to plus size. Men's lounge pants are equally encouraged by us to give that killer Zoom call look to everyone.

photo of man wearing plaid PJ set

Rock the Oversized Sweatshirt and Shorts Look

“Go big or go home” is the motto for any great sweatshirt in the Zoom fashion world. Famology products have a high range of variety that all are comfortable and cater to the exact look you want to rock at home or anywhere in general. We take the sweatshirt in shorts look so seriously that we’d love for you to talk to us about the exact look you're aiming to pull off.

Get the comfy-chic looks rockin’ and the Zoom calls talkin’ with any of these great at-home fashion combinations. We offer a great selection of men's and women's loungewear in a plethora of sizes and colors to mix up every meeting. Check out our latest products and buy your premium loungewear today!