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13 Money-Saving Tips When Buying Loungewear

The modern man values comfort just as much as style, which is why loungewear has become a ubiquitous part of men's fashion. From comfortable sweatpants to relaxed T-shirts, loungewear helps you feel rested, relaxed, and ready for whatever work-from-home task comes your way.

However, building a collection can cost a pretty penny if you're not careful. We've put together a list of 10 useful tips to save money when buying men's loungewear. Follow these strategies before making any purchases, and you'll stay comfortable and stylish without breaking the bank.

1. Consider buying robes, slippers, and other loungewear items as a set

This approach often offers more value for your money assets tend to be cheaper than buying a robe, slippers, and other loungewear items separately. Also, assorted sets tend to present a more fashionable front.

While this money-saving tip appears basic, it's particularly helpful when considering leading brands famous for their high-quality loungewear. In these instances, buying sets can save a significant proportion of the total cost. As is often said, every little saving helps, and this strategy can assist you in balancing the need for quality items with budget considerations.

However, be aware that, as with any discount purchase, ensure that each item in the set is a product you would use. Don't be swayed just by the potential savings on offer if the set contains items that will end up unused in your wardrobe.

For example, if you dislike the feel of robes and favor loungewear pants and shirts, a set containing a robe would be of little value to you. So, always make sure the set matches your loungewear preferences.

2. Look for sales and discounts

This tip is all about smart shopping, drawing upon the awareness and usage of budget-saving opportunities that may be available. It involves consistently checking and being alert for sales promotions by different loungewear brands.

Major sales typically occur during holidays or the end of seasons. However, informal sales or discounts can also occur randomly or during special events by the brand.

Loungewear brands often use discounts as marketing strategies to attract or retain customers. So always staying on the lookout for these deals could result in significant savings over time.

For instance, a coupon code could give a 20% discount or a buy-one-get-one deal could effectively halve the price of the items you intend to buy.

Discount hunters beware; while looking out for sales and discounts, don't compromise on quality for the price.

3. Buy sweatshirts, hoodies, joggers, and other loungewear items in bulk

Retailers often offer discounts to customers who buy in larger quantities. This long-standing marketing strategy helps them to move more inventory faster, while the customer benefits from lowered prices.

The same logic applies to loungewear. You're likely to get a significant discount when buying several pieces of the same item instead of just one. This can apply to a collection of sweatpants, a pack of t-shirts, several hoodies, or even comfy sock bundles. Therefore, the more you buy, the less you ultimately pay per item.

But there's more to this strategy than upfront cost savings. Shopping in bulk reduces the frequency of shopping trips or online orders, saving not only your time but also potential delivery fees.

With more items at your disposal, the wear and tear of your loungewear is spread across more items, which extends the lifetime of each clothing item. Hence, you're not only saving on the purchase but also on potential replacement costs.

4. Look for multipurpose items

Now, you might be wondering what are multipurpose loungewear items. The answer to this lies in clothing items that can be comfortably and appropriately worn in various settings.

For instance, loungewear hoodies can double up as casual outerwear for quick errands to the store or an informal meet-up with friends. Similarly, stylish sweatpants can serve as gym wear just as efficiently as they work for spending a day at home.

When you spend money on multipurpose items, you essentially get more bang for your buck. The cost-per-wear ratio automatically decreases as the same item can be worn in multiple circumstances and for a variety of occasions.

This diminishes the need to buy separate pieces of clothing for different environments, helping you save a significant amount of money.

5. Invest in quality items

Quality goes beyond the aesthetic appeal of an item. Long-lasting materials significantly impact the item's durability and lifespan. High-quality loungewear will withstand regular washing and daily wear better than cheaper quality products.

As a result, you won't have to replace these items as frequently as you would with lower-quality garments. Although the upfront cost may be more, the cost-per-use ratio decreases substantially over time, granting you more value for the money spent.

Investing in quality loungewear can provide better comfort. Often, higher-priced loungewear offers better designs and uses higher-quality fabrics. They don't just feel better but can also improve health by reducing the chances of skin irritation and allergies.

Quality products often come with better customer service and warranties. This means if something does go wrong, you're more likely to get a replacement or a refund.

6. Check thrift stores and consignment shops for gently used items

Thrift stores and consignment shops provide a unique opportunity to find unique, high-quality loungewear pieces at significantly reduced prices. When shopping in these stores, it's not uncommon to stumble upon designer brands and durable pieces that have been carefully curated for resale.

Many gently used items are typically in excellent or very good condition, as they have been worn a few times by their previous owners. Acquiring clothing from such shops not only lowers your spending but also fosters a sustainable shopping culture by giving these clothes a second life.

Unlike mainstream retail outlets that often carry generic styles, thrift stores, and consignment shops offer a wide variety of items that span across different eras, styles, and brands. Thus, shopping here also allows you to develop a unique personal style, by mixing and matching different pieces.

When shopping at these retailers, thoroughly inspect each item. Check for any signs of wear and tear, stains, or missing buttons, as these pieces are sold as-is and most consignment shops and thrift stores have no-return policies.

Another tip when shopping at these outlets is to become familiar with their price mark-down schedules. Many thrift stores have regular sales events or specific days when they reduce prices on certain items. This can save you even more money.

7. Look for online deals and coupon codes

In this era of online shopping, deals and discounts are just a click away, making it an essential tip for saving money on men’s loungewear.

Numerous online stores often offer deals that can help to save an ample amount of your money. These deals can take the form of flash sales, clearance sales, seasonal sales, and more.

Coupon codes are another way to save money when purchasing men’s loungewear online. These are special codes that you enter at the checkout process that can offer a percentage off your purchase, free shipping, or even a gift. Websites often provide these codes to reward customer loyalty or to prompt a purchase.

There are multiple sources available where one may find these cost-saving instruments. Websites like RetailMeNot, Groupon, and often carry a wide selection of voucher codes that can be used to save money.

8. Buy generic boxers and shorts instead of designer labels

Generic brands can offer the same, if not better, quality than some designer labels but at a fraction of the cost. The primary difference between designer labels and generic brands often lies in the name rather than the actual product. If you're after comfort and functionality instead of a logo, generic brands can provide just that.

Take boxers for example, the material, cut, and comfort are the key factors to consider. These factors do not necessarily improve with the label's exclusivity or price. In other words, a pair of generic boxers can be just as comfortable, durable, and well-fitted as their designer counterparts. The lack of a big brand name or logo doesn't remove from their purpose or effectiveness.

Buying generic brands also allows you to experiment with different types and styles of loungewear without breaking the bank. You can try various materials, cuts, and designs until you find the perfect pair for your comfort needs.

9. Repurpose old items

This idea operates on the concept of reusing and recycling, which means changing what we already own and use instead of buying new ones. For example, you can start incorporating those old sweatpants or casual t-shirts into your loungewear collection.

Another way to repurpose old clothing is by transforming them into something new. If you're a DIY kind of person, you can search for guides online and learn how to convert old shirts into comfortable loungewear. This may involve a bit of sewing or cutting, but when done correctly, you'll get unique and personal pieces that no one else has.

A third idea could be turning old PJs into loungewear. Many of us have pajamas lying around that we no longer use because they have become too loose or too tight. Instead of throwing them away, you can adjust them a bit and add them to your loungewear collection.

10. Shop around

Every leading fashion retailer and online store offers a wide assortment of loungewear. Each store prices its products differently based on various factors, such as the brand, quality, design, and materials used. While some stores offer goods at premium prices, others might offer the same (or closely similar) items at competitive prices. Sometimes, even the same store offers various deals and discounts at different times.

This is why shopping around is emphasized. Before making a purchase, compare prices from various sellers. Online platforms make this particularly easy; from big-name retailers to smaller, specialized stores, you can quickly do your price comparisons right from your home's comfort.

Consider the product reviews while comparing. Sometimes, lower prices don't guarantee the prime quality or comfort, which should be the hallmark of good loungewear.

11. Buy classic styles that will never go out of fashion

The fashion industry changes rapidly, with trends coming in and out of style in the blink of an eye. However, classic styles have a timeless appeal that resists these changing fashion tides, thus offering a long-term investment for your wardrobe.

Purchasing classic styles is also a cost-effective decision. They have longevity in mind, are often made with durable materials, and blend effortlessly with the rest of your wardrobe for years to come.

Trends can change seasonally, but classics remain relevant indefinitely.

12. Sign up for newsletters and loyalty programs

Newsletters are a powerful marketing tool that brands use to keep their customers updated about the latest products, discounts, and special offers. By subscribing to these newsletters, you put yourself directly in the line of communication with your favorite loungewear brands.

Typically, on subscription, you'll receive regular emails from the company notifying you about upcoming sales, discounts, or new loungewear collections. Companies often reward their subscribers with exclusive offers or early access to sales, providing an excellent opportunity to grab the loungewear you've had your eye on at a discounted rate.

On the other hand, loyalty programs convey companies' appreciation for customers who frequent their business. By signing up for a brand’s loyalty program, you can earn points for each purchase which could be redeemed either for discounts on future purchases, special benefits, or even free products—depending on the brand's policies.

Always remember to check all emails and updates from these loyalty programs and newsletters to make the most of every opportunity to save money on your loungewear purchases.

13. Wait for Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales

Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is considered one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Stores and e-commerce sites offer enormous discounts on a variety of products, including a vast selection of loungewear.

Following the fervor of Black Friday sales is Cyber Monday, which is solely dedicated to online shopping. Major shopping platforms and even upscale brands drop their prices to an all-time low or throw in impressive bundled deals to entice online shoppers.

The irresistible deals put high-quality loungewear within anyone's reach. This makes it an ideal time to refresh your leisure wardrobe or even to get a head start on holiday gifts.

By following these tips, you can save money when shopping for men’s loungewear. Whether you’re looking for something luxurious or something more casual, you can be sure you are getting the most bang for your buck.

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