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Updated: Dec 15, 2022

Hey lovelies and gents!!! It's so wonderful you have time to chill and relax for a moment and allow us to share some inspiration with you!

Wear Them To Bed

Of course, the best place to wear a great pair of PJs is to bed. After a long day, slip into one of our many cool and comfortable designs so you can sleep through the night.

Our PJs come in lightweight and soft fabric, so you won’t feel constricted while you wrap yourself in comfort.


Men's Velour Pajama Set

$139.95 Regular Price

$69.98 Sale Price

Wear To Work

In a digital world, one of the biggest comforts is being able to work from home. This also allows you to be able to keep your style a little more on the relaxed side.

With our PJs, you can work in style while still being able to relax and be yourself.


Men's Cotton Loungewear Set – Baseball Tee

$69.95 Regular Price

$34.98 Sale Price

Wear Around The House

After you settle in at home, isn’t it soothing to shed those bulky and uncomfortable layers and slip into something a little more comfortable?

Let yourself relax and unwind by putting on one of our great loungewear sets to stay in and soak up the solitude.


Cotton Button Front Pajama Set

$89.95 Regular Price

$44.98 Sale Price

To The Gym

Shed the pounds and all your bulky workout gear. With our active loungewear collection, you can hit the gym in optimal comfort. Our relaxed and breathable active loungewear gives you effortless movement where you need it.

Many people think that pajamas and loungewear are just for relaxing at home and getting ready for bed. However, with the right styles and high-quality materials, you can wear your loungewear anywhere and not have to worry. FAMOLOGY Lounge & Sleepwear have stylish, comfortable, and durable pajamas that you can wear while cuddled up at home or out on the town. Keep reading to learn more about our anytime and anywhere styles, contact us or shop our collection to find a pair that fits you!


Men's Print Satin Robe

$99.95 Regular Price

$49.98 Sale Price

FAMOLOGY Lounge & Sleepwear is here to provide you with luxurious comfy & quality clothing you can wear every day or simply roll up & take away on that holiday!!!

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