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7 Quick Tips to Note When Shopping for Men's Luxury Loungewear

Since Covid-19 happened, the world has not been the same. Every industry has been disrupted in one way or the other due to what has been the single most globally impactful event of the 21st century. It affected work and industry as the lockdown ensued.

Today, working from home is a phenomenon that has come to be embraced by all. As men, we have come to appreciate and adjust to this new lifestyle. We now spend significantly more time at home than we ever had. It has kept us from colleagues but closer to our loved ones.

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Even though we have since come out from the lockdown, we still experience the new normal in a lot of ways. More and more businesses continue to adjust their processes to ensure working from home is both seamless and effective.

Staying at home doesn’t need to get in the way of being stylish though. You can be indoors yet fabulous. With loungewear, you can be both stylish and comfortable. The right loungewear can lift your mood and give you that extra confidence you need to go through these challenging times.

In this post, we’ll be sharing with you seven quick tips you need to know when shopping for men’s loungewear.

Seven quick tips you need to know when shopping for men's loungewear

Focus on fabric

The primary reason for getting loungewear is comfort. This means the fabric used is of paramount importance. Cotton, linen, wool, and cashmere are some of the most comfortable materials out there. They keep you feeling pampered which is exactly what you want.

Accentuate your form

To enjoy the confidence proper loungewear brings it helps to get fitting clothes. Choose sizes that are not too loose yet not too tight but just right to flatter your form. That is style meets comfort. Select your shirts with that in mind. Joggers with tapered legs also achieve that goal.


The famous acronym, KISS, means Keep it Simple, Stupid. Of course, you aren’t stupid. On the contrary, that you took the time to read this tells us you’re smart and thoughtful. Keeping things simple is in line with what you’re trying to achieve with loungewear—style, and comfort. Outfits with too many complex patterns, colors, and conspicuous designs lead to a miss as far as loungewear is concerned. We want comfort over everything.

Save time with a cap

Loungewear doesn’t mean you’ll have to stay home all day. You’ll need to pick up some groceries, take a walk, get coffee, etc. Your hair might not be in the best shape at the moment you need to head out. Having a hat will ensure you can respond to your outdoor needs as quickly as possible without having to stress over your hair.

Neutral colors keep you relaxed

Forget the bright colors for now. Neutral colors help you and your brain relax. White, black, grey, brown, and navy blue all work to keep you calm.

Sweatpants, joggers, and t-shirts, of course

What is loungewear without the basics? Right-fitting t-shirts and joggers or sweatpants are the foundation of your comfy, home-relaxation wardrobe. These items have transcended the workout space to become more relevant in our general homestay.

Get matching sets (then switch them up)

Matching sets are both simple and surprisingly stylish. You have to see it for yourself to fully appreciate that fact. Also, when you switch up those matching sets, you’ll have a lot more to work with. With this, even just a few sets can help you create extensive combinations.


By now you should get the idea of how super easy it is to be spot-on with your loungewear. You can’t go wrong with these tips. To start a new loungewear experience shop with us for the best loungewear for men at the best discounts.

Start shopping today with FAMOLOGY and let us know how and where you love to wear our products.

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